ANAAZKA Car Rental & Travel and Tours
1 Rental rates are calculated on a Daily / Weekly / Monthly.
2 The extra of 6 hours considered as full day rental. Extra hours will incur a charge of
>> RM15/hour (Sedan / Compact)
>> RM25/hour (MPV/ Van / 4WD)
3 No speeding, reckless driving, racing or any illegal activities shall be carried out during the use of this vehicle, ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD. reserves the rights to repossess the vehicle with additional RM1500.00/- compensation and any other cost incurred.
4 ONLY the driver above named /authorized may use the vehicle. In any circumstances another driver apart from the named/authorized driver found using the vehicle, the owner will have the right to repossess the vehicle stated above and arise while the driver will be held fully responsible for any, but not limited to vehicular accident, damages, loss, fire or theft caused to this vehicle.
5 If the vehicle which the Hirer rented stated above meet with an accident, the Hirer has to inform ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD immediately. No repair is to be done without ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD approval. If the hirer is found towing and / or repairing the rented vehicle at any workshop unauthorized by us, a penalty of RM3000.00 will be imposed.

If the accident or damage to vehicle is cause by third party vehicle, then the Hirer is responsible to get all third party detail such as vehicle registration number, driver’s name and driving license number. If the claims cannot be made against third party insurance, therefore all damage will be borne by hirer subject to excess clause not exceed as stated in the table below:

Group CC Amount (RM)
A Below 1000 CC 1500
B 1001 - 1300 CC 2000
C 1301 - 1500 CC 2500
D 1501 - 2000 CC 3000
E 2001 CC and above 5000

7 The hirer responsible for damage as a result of illegal, negligence, careless actions, tyre punctures, burst tyre, fuel errors, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned off electrical devices, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories and damage of windows, mirror and undercarriage.
8 Any damage which includes physical damage or any other general damages to the vehicle, payment of repair cost has to be made immediately unless any other alternatives arrangement is made with ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD.
9 Upon claiming the vehicle insurance which the Hirer stated above rented, the hirer has to pay excess of RM3500.00/- NETT.
10 The hirer is responsible for all parking fees or Traffic/JPJ/DBKK fines/compound incurred during the rental period.
11 Vehicle is handed over clean and it should be returned clean. If vehicle is returned dirty, a nominal charge of RM 20.00 shall be collected.
12 The maintenance of this vehicle will be borne by the ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD. Driver must keep note of the vehicle engine temperature, any overheating due to hirer’s/driver’s negligence, repair and any miscellaneous cost shall be borne by the hirer. If there is any problem due to wear and tear or vehicle breakdown, the driver is to report to ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD immediately and seek for advice/permission before proceed to fix the issue.
13 All hired vehicles have to refuel using 95 / 97. The Hirer need to return vehicle fuel at the same level when he/she rented from ANA AZKA TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD. Otherwise, a payment of RM15.00/- NETT will be charge to the Hirer for every 1 bar of fuel used.
14 Smoking, food consumption or transportation of pets is NOT allowed in the hired vehicle. Hirer is responsible for a penalty of RM500.00/- NETT.
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